Company History

History and development:

The company Marco Kracht started his activity in the 1950 under the name of Morassi Alfeo in a town called Maniago, that is located one hundred kilometers north from Venice and where since the fourteen century the blacksmith were producing swords, blades and other weapons for the “Republic of Venice”.

Actually in Maniago is located the main Italian production of professional and sporting knives and scissors.

Since the early 1970 the company Morassi Alfeo started the production of flagging knives supplying them mainly to the Italian companies producing machines for the broom production like Dal Maschio, Borghi, Osmas 3 and Mass.

The Morassi Alfeo was a one man company located inside a room of the Morassi family house, so the main and practically only product of the company was the flagging knife.

In 1992 the company Morassi Alfeo was sold to Marco Kracht who changed the company name, but, the company remained in Maniago.

In 1993 a new and larger building was bought with also new machines and the line of products was expanded including also the production of blades for the trimming heads and needles for sewing corn brooms.

Since the family of Mr. Marco Kracht is living in Sesto San Giovanni, a small town in the suburbs of Milan, in 2004 the company was moved in a larger building in this town and for the production of the flagging knives was bought a new fully automatic machine line.