Blades and Vices


The Marco Kracht Company and the blades and vices for the metal broom handles


History and development:

In 2006 after re sharpening a couple of times the blades for cutting the pipe of the broom metal handles belonging to one of the company producing them in Larciano (PT) the Marco Kracht Company started to produce also this type of blades and supplying them to some of the companies producing broom metal handles located in the Tuscany Region.

With the production of the blades started the production also of the vices used by the machines for cutting the metal handle pipe.

At a first look the blade looks very simple and in theory easy to produce, but, it is not so, in fact, the thickness and the width of the blades required to be worked with a tolerance of mm. +/- 0,005 and this tolerance has to be kept for all the surface of the blade, then, the blade has to be produced in a high alloy steel that after the heath treatment need to have an hardness of HRC 64-65 that need to be worked with special grinding wheels.

Each of the company that is producing broom metal handles has also modified the machines according to their needs, so, the blades that at a first glance looks similar they are not, because, the thickness and the width is made according to the sizes ordered by the customers.

Also the production of the vices is not very simple because they need to be worked with close tolerances and in a high alloy steel that could arrive to an hardness of HRC 62-63 and resist to the wear produced by the metal pipe.

Both the blades and the vices are products made on demand according to the order of the customers, that have to supply during the order phase the sizes of the blades and for the vices the diameter of the pipe and if possible a picture or a technical drawing of the part.

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Actually the main products of the company are the following:

- Flagging knives that are usually ready in stock

- The needles for sewing corn brooms that frequently are ready in stock

- Blades for the trimming heads of the machines

- Blades and vices for cutting the metal pipe of the broom handles

For these products is also available a re-sharpening service.

With a cooperation with other companies are also available drills for the brushmaking and the plastic spacers that are holding the flagging knives.